Tire Chart

AXLES:  Currently high quality DEXTER axles are standard on all CornPro trailers.  We use only DEXTER axles and replacement parts are readily available – from brake parts to replacement components and everything in between.  Each trailer carries the axle manufacturers factory warranty along with our overall trailer warranty.

TIRES:  Tires are where our quality touches the road.  Quality, brand name tires are supplied standard with each trailer.  EAch trailer carries the tire manufacturer’s factory warranty along with our overall trailer warranty.

* Curb weight is based on a base model unit with no options.

** Payload is calculated on 10% transfer weight on bumper hitch and 20% transfer weight on gooseneck, when weight is distributed evenly.

Axle sizeTire sizeTire rating
3,500 lbs. axle(s)ST225/75R15 C2,150#
5,000 lbs. axle(s)ST225/75R15 D2,540#
6,000 lbs. axle(s)ST235/80R16 E3,420#
7,000 lbs. axle(s)ST235/80R16 E3,420#
8,000 lbs. axle(s)ST215/75R17.5 H4,805#
9,000 lbs. axle(s)ST235/80R16 E (dual)3,000#
10,000 lbs. axle(s)ST235/80R16 E (dual)3,000#
12,000 lbs. axle(s)ST235/80R16 E (dual)3,000#